Supported Date Formats

Dataloader supports both American (MM/DD/YYY) and European (DD/MM/YYYY) date formats


Date Formats

  • MM/DD/YYYY (example: 04/23/2012)
  • DD/MM/YYYY (example: 23/04/2012)
  • YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2012-03-25)

Date-time Formats

  • Military time zones: MM/DD/YYYYThh:mm:ss.mmmZ (example: 02/20/1987T12:04:12.000Z)
  • 3 Letters time zones plus offset: MM/DD/YYYYThh:mm:ss.mmmXXX+hh:mm (example: 02/20/1987T12:04:12.000GMT+03:00)
  • 3 Letters time zones: MM/DD/YYYYThh:mm:ss.mmmXXX (example: 02/20/1987T12:04:12.000GMT)
  • 3 Letters time zones: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.mmmXXX (example: 2012-03-25T12:04:12.000GMT)

Changing Date Formats

To change the date format being used, go to Settings -> Date/Time and there you can set the date format and your time zone.